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Q: What microphone, preamp, software, etc, do you use?

A: Here is the gear I use frequently enough to list here:

Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

Pre amp: Focusrite ISA One

Software: Propellerhead Reason, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro 7

Guitar: PRS Mira, Gibson SG, Taylor Acoustic

Amp: Orange CR120 Head, Orange PPC212 Closed Back

Camera: Canon 5d mkii

Lighting: Some softbox set on ebay


Q: I have a cover song suggestion/lyrics I wrote/idea for a video. Will you do it?

A: Feel free to TWEET me song suggestions and I'll see what I can do. For everything else, I do all that myself. Try and see if you can make your creation come to life on your own! It's a lot more rewarding.


Q: Can I use your music in my project/stream/video/whatever

A: Yes. AS LONG AS you credit me/the original video and aren't reuploading the original video.


Q: Can I cover/animate your songs?

A: Yes! So long as you have your own work is put into it I LOVE these kinds of things. Acoustic covers, REAL remixes, animations, etc are awesome to see. If you do, send it to me so I can watch!


Q: Can I create a nightcore/10 hr. version of your songs?

A: Nope. Speeding up, slowing down, pitch shifting and/or looping a song is not real musicianship and will most likely get copyright claimed.


Q: Why aren't you coming to (insert your awesome hometown/favorite convention here)?

A: Because no one invited me. Interested in having me at your favorite convention? Contact them directly and suggest to have me as a guest. You'd be surprised how often that works. 


Q: When is the next (insert your favorite type of video here)

A: I don't know. The content I make varies depending on inspiration and time.


Q: Will you cover/write a song about ___________

A: Maybe. Maybe not. Please don't contact me with a song request. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I take most requests via social networks and YouTube comments. Again, DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH A SONG REQUEST.


Q: Will you voice/sing in my project?

A: Message me with ALL THE DETAILS YOU CAN. WIP, previous work, links, anything, and I'll see if I'm able to make time for it. So many people will ask me to work on something with them with no portfolio or previous work. Don't do that.


Q: I'm starting a YouTube channel. Any advice?

A: Have an idea. Don't make a channel and upload videos just for the sake of uploading videos. Have something your passionate about that you can turn into video content. If you're making videos and don't have ideas you're passionate about, you're going to end up making videos not worth watching. No body wants to watch videos of someone trying to figure out what videos to make. Think you're funny? Make comedy vlogs. Love video games? Make gaming videos. Play music? Make videos of you playing music. Don't know what to upload? You have nothing to upload. Do something you love and enjoy doing and you'll end up making the best possible content you can make. Have fun!


Q: I thought this was a Pokémon channel?

A: You thought wrong.



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